What is Design Counseling?

While the mainstay of our practice is full service architecture and interior design, we have always offered an abbreviated service called Design Counseling. Design Counseling is for the Client who is looking for initial or limited professional design advice for an anticipated project, but is not prepared to commission full services from an architect or interior designer just yet. Design Counseling can also provide a service for those projects with a limited and defined scope that will not require design professional follow-through for execution.

What is achieved by Design Counseling?

  • Identification of potential options for refurbishing existing space or adding new space.
  • Identification of potential options for furniture layouts and finish selections.
  • Review of current construction and project costs.
  • Identification of building code and city planning parameters.

Who are typical Design Counseling Clients?

  • Clients who are exploring options for an expansion or reconfiguration of their home and would like to receive preliminary design and budget feasibility direction.
  • Clients who have had an exterior or “shell” of a project designed by others, and the interior design components such as finishes, lighting and cabinetry need to be identified and selected on a limited basis.
  • Clients who are looking for quick recommendations for finishes (paint, flooring) and furnishings selection and/or placement in an existing space.

How does Design Counseling work?

Clients will meet either on site or in our offices, depending on the project. A fixed fee is charged for the first two hours and an hourly rate applies beyond that. Written recommendations and/or hand sketches are given to the Client.